Oct 21st 🌟 Elevating User Experience: New Features and Bug Fixes 🚀

A Vibrant Spectrum of Features and Fixes 🎯 Embrace a wave of enhancements and bug fixes as we breathe new life into the application. Fresh features include a dynamic drawer for form field management, a convenient submenu for message management, and the seamless integration of form fields within the drawer. On the bug-fix front, we've quashed stripe notification issues and ensured that the text gracefully transforms from "next tentative payment" to "free plan" when the plan is indeed free.

An Overview of What's New 📝 This PR ushers in a host of features and fixes. Notable additions encompass a drawer dedicated to efficient form field management, a user-friendly submenu catering to message management, and the seamless inclusion of form fields within the drawer. On the bug-fix front, we've resolved issues relating to stripe notifications and introduced text changes for a smoother user experience. Additionally, this PR encompasses several merges from the staging branch into feature and bugfix branches.

An Enhancement of Grandeur 🚀 This PR belongs to the enhancement category, promising a multitude of improved functionalities. While no new tests have been introduced, the review effort is estimated at 4 on a scale of 1-5 due to the extensive changes across multiple files. Your valuable time and effort are essential to ensure the correctness and absence of new issues in these transformative updates.

Security Fortified 🔒 Rest assured, no security concerns have been unearthed. Your data remains safeguarded, allowing you to explore the enriched features with peace of mind.

Welcome to the Future of HelpYouSponsor.com 🌟 This comprehensive update propels the application into a new era of functionality, efficiency, and user-friendliness. It's a testament to our commitment to delivering a superior experience. Join us on this journey into the future of HelpYouSponsor.com! 🌟

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