PayPal Setup

To enable PayPal payments, a PayPal business account must be opened to obtain the PayPal keys, which are integrated with HYS. Below are some steps to follow for full integration.

1. Create a PayPal account at

2.Log in to your new PayPal account and retrieve your client and secret keys. They can be found on the PayPal Developer Dashboard as shown below.

4. The keys can then be copied and transferred to HYS through the PayPal Payments dialog in the "Payments" section on the side bar.

5. When a donor is to be added as a sponsor using PayPal, we will prompt them to enter their PayPal email address. Once the commitment is saved with the frequency, we track it by the date the commitment is made and the frequency, along with the subscription ID, to track and show if the payment was successful since PayPal handles payments externally from HYS.

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