Definition: Admins are people who can access the management area of your HelpYouSponsor software.

Managing Admins

To manage the admins in your software click the Admins link in the left hand navigation. If you do not see the Admins link it is because your particular admin account is part of an Admin Group that does not have access to managing admins. For access to managing Admins you will need to contact an administrator of your software that has access to edit admin groups. Please don't contact HelpYouSponsor support for access to areas that are not included in your Admin Group as we do not have access to change these permissions.

After clicking on the Admins link you will be brought to a page that lists all admins currently registered in the software. This page gives you some quick information about the admin, the ability to add new admins, and the ability edit or remove individual admin accounts.

Editing Admins

To edit an admin account go here Editing Admin

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