What is HelpYouSponsor

HelpYouSponsor (HYS) is a robust platform designed for nonprofit organizations to manage their sponsorship programs, fundraising initiatives, and donor management effectively. It is built by experts who have firsthand experience in running successful sponsorship programs and is aimed at addressing the unique needs and challenges of your organization​1​.

HYS allows you to manage sponsorships for a range of projects, from children and pastors to medical surgeries and building campaigns. You can also execute targeted fundraising campaigns for specific projects or general causes with their intuitive and powerful tools​1​.

One of the key features of HYS is its all-in-one donor management system. With this, you can consolidate your donor data, track donations, and automate receipts and thank-you messages in one central location. It also provides a user-friendly donor accounts system, an integrated messaging system, sponsorship display on your website, payment gateway integration, and donation tracking​1​.

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