Admins and Permissions.

Admin Permission Sets

All permissions within the HelpYouSponsor software are managed through admin permission sets. Admins are assigned a permission set and receive all permissions for that set. In this way permissions can be set for multiple admins at the same time. A permission set can have a single admin or you can have one permission set for all admins. How you manage your admin permission sets is up to you.

When editing the permissions of your own permission set, your permissions will be updated immediately when you save the permissions. However, any admins currently logged in will not have their permissions changed until they log out and log back in. This is important to note because if you have an admin who is requesting permission to an area of the software you may grant them permission but they may still not have access if they have not logged out and logged back in. Please double check this before contacting support about admin permissions not working

Super Admin

You will notice that the first permission is Super Admin. A super admin has permission to access to all areas of the software but this does not necessarily mean that all areas are accessible by a Super Admin. The individual areas must be enabled by checking the box in order to access the area. The option to enable areas that are disabled is only available to a Super Admin. You may create an Admin permission set that has access to creating and editing admin permission sets but is not a super admin. That admin permission set will not see options that are not enabled for them. So they can create and edit permission sets with permissions that are equal to or less than what they have access to.

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