Permissions, Title, Required


Permissions at the field level govern where the field can be viewed. While the permissions are very simple it does seem to create some confusion from time to time so it is important to understand what each one means. If you do not see a field in an area where you would expect to see it please check the permissions. Most of the support requests we receive about form fields has to do with the permissions not being set correctly.

There are only three options: Everyone, Donors and Admins, and Admins Only.


This means the field is public and will be viewable everywhere - on the front end of the website, in the donor account, and in the admin.

Donors and Admins:

This means the field will not be viewable by the public on the website. Only a donor who is logged in to their account will be able to view this field. For example, if this field is used in a child profile then only the sponsor of that child will be able to view this field and only when they are logged in to their account. Admins logged into the the admin also area able to view this field.

Admins Only:

This means the field is not viewable by the public or by donors. It will only ever be viewable by admins logged into the admin. Note that admins are able to view the fields no matter what permissions are chosen. However, they can only view the field if it is in a program for which they have permissions to access through their admin group.


Check this box if you want the software to use this field as the title or name field. There are several areas throughout the software where the software displays only the name of the child or donor. The software identifies what fields to use to display a name by which fields are designated as a title field. Some clients like to display an ID number along with the name in which case the ID field and the name field(s) have the title checkbox checked. You can have as many fields as you want designated as title fields; however, more than two or three is not recommended.


Check this box to make a field required. This means there will be a required label on the field and the form will not be allowed to be saved until something is entered into the field. In the example below you can see the required label in brackets as well as the notification in red that displays when a form is submitted with an empty required field.

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