Here see the list of all the sponsors or donors

This page walks you through various sections, features and menus that you'll find within the Donors page.

The page has a couple of features that enable you to see the details of the donors.

The page contains:

  • Stats Cards

    These include cards that have Total Donors that have are listed in your account. Then There is a list of donor forms , these are the forms that are used to create a new donor. Each individual card containing the form will also have number of donors that were created using that form.

  • Reports

    Here your able to create particular table columns that you want to view and then save them so that you can always choose a view that you want to have.

  • Add Donor

    Your able to create a new donor onto the list of donors that are in a particular form.

  • Filter

    Here your able to filter the list of donors or sponsors so that your able to view donors that have been archived and those that have not been archived.

  • Send Email

    Here you have the functionality to send emails to your donors, these emails might contain annual emails

  • Export

    Here you are able to export the table details in a csv form so that you can open it in any spreadsheets program.

  • Search

    Your able to quickly find the donors by searching for them, but remember that you can only search by the columns on the table that you chose to view

  • Select/Dropdown

    Here you can select the forms in which the donors are in so that can only view them

  • Pagination

    You can use the pagination feature to view through the donors list.

  • View Donor

    It is a button were you can go to a separate page for the donors.

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