Forms are used for getting information into your HelpYouSponsor database. The software support three types of forms: sponsorship profile forms, donor profile forms, and submit only forms.

Sponsorship Profile Forms: These forms are used for collecting information about what you are sponsoring. Typically the software is used for child sponsorship but you can use it for sponsoring anything: a well drilling project, pastors, missionaries, field workers, animals in an animal rescue project. Whatever you are sponsoring will use the Sponsorship Profile Form.

Donor Profile Form: These forms are used for collecting information from donors. Because the software can be used for accepting donations that are not tied to sponsorship we use the term donor instead of sponsor. However, sponsors are donors and the term can be used interchangeably in most instances.

Progress Reports: These forms are used for collecting data that will be archived. This data can be attached to a sponsorship or a donor. It is helpful to think of these forms as survey type forms. For example, a progress report form can be used as a contact record for donors. Perhaps once a year you contact all your donors and have a specific list of questions you ask them. You then want to record their answers. You could create a progress report form designed to capture the answers to those questions. Progress Reports can be used in a variety of ways.

Getting Started

When you created your HelpYouSponsor account a couple of forms were created for you. Clicking on the Program Options link in the left hand administration navigation will bring you to the form management page.

Here you see the two pre-built forms (Child Profiles and Sponsor Profiles) and a Create Form button to create new forms. Clicking the form name brings you to a page where you can view/edit/delete the fields associated with each form. Clicking the edit form allows you to rename the form and change the form type. The three dots in the upper right corner show a dropdown with an option to delete or remove the form.

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