Program Forms

Details about the program forms

On this page your presented with the different form that you have created on the account.

Create a Form

When you want to create a new form, you click on the Create Form button. You will be presented with a right drawer.

On the input form, you place the name that you want to give to the form. Choose the form Type that your creating; this can be Recipient Profile , Donor Profile and then Progress Report

Manage Form Fields

After you have created the form, you have to click the

You will be redirected to another page that displays the fields on the form.

In the form fields page, you have the option to create and add a new field onto the form.

When the drawer loads, you enter the name of the field. Then you choose the Field Type.

Please endeavor to read the instructions in gray that are display for each field type

When you scroll down, you will see more options

The permissions dropdown determines where the data saved onto this fields is available for the whole public to view, whether it's only the admin that view the information.

The other options have hints alongside them to guide you.

Edit form field

From the list of form fields, you are able to click the edit button to edit the form field details

And then finally you can delete the form fields

Edit Form

You can also edit the form detail once you have created it.

You cannot change the form Type when you have already created it, you will have to delete.

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