View and Create Programs

This page provides guides for viewing and creating new programs.

Here are quick steps to guide you on how to switch views on the program page. 1. Click "Programs".

2. Click the grid/list view toggle button.

This will alternate the views from List to Grid.

3. This will then display the selected view.

Here are quick steps on how to create a program if permissions are correctly set.

1. Click "Create a program".

2.Fill in the 'Enter Name' field.

Provide a program name with a minimum of three characters.

3. Fill in the 'Enter Program Abbreviation' field.

This is optional and a program can be saved whether the abbreviation is set or not.

4. Click the "Save" button to save the program.

When you're done creating a program, you must go to the program settings to set up the program in order to use it

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