Frontend Sorting

You may want to organize the entities to be sponsored so they appear in a certain order, here is how to do it!

Default sorting: The First Form Field

Click on in the side navigation bar Go to the Program Forms tab and click on your desired sponsorship form to sort:

Move fields around!

The field that is at the top of the list will be the default sort value. So in the above example, the Child Name field will be what determines the order of entities that will show up on the frontend. The fields can be moved up and down by grabbing the icon on the left and dragging them.

Sorting by Priority

Make a field called Priority (or something similar.) Make it a "Select List" and input the values "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10"

Drag this field to the top of the field list, like this:

Then go to the individual entity and set the Priority, like this:

The numeric sorting will place the highest number first, so a priority 9 will show up above a priority 3.

You may use other numbers that "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10" , more or less that's up to you. You can make this field visible or invisible to the donor depending on the permissions you choose for the field.

Donor Controlled Sorting

If you wish to make more fields "sortable by the donor," simply select sortable on that particular field, like this:

The default sorting field will always be the first one in the field list, regardless of whether 'Sortable' is checked. To simplify the interface, you may wish to uncheck 'Sortable' for all fields, so the sorting is always fixed to the first field and not changeable by the donor.


You can also allow the available entities to be filtered. To do this you will check the Filter? box in the form field settings. This can only be done with form fields that are a Select List for the Field Type. Below is an example of how this would be set up:

The filter will create a drop down box for filtering:

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