Display the relationships between the recipient and sponsor

In this page, your presented with information about the sponsorships in all your programs.

The sponsorship page has a couple of features


Here we display the number of sponsorships that are active under each program. These are the active sponsorships

Table Tools

On the table tools, we have the program dropdown. This allows you to view sponsorships from a particular program.

Search enables you to search for items on the table

Table data

On the table, there is information about the sponsorships, these include the information about the sponsor and then also the recipient.

On the manage column, you have the ability to Edit a Recipient

Edit a Donor

When you want to edit the details of the donor on a sponsorship, you click the Edit Donor button and you will be presented with a Edit Donor Drawer on the right

You can change the values on the form and then hit Submit to save.

The form contains some system fields and also some fields from the donor form that you used when creating the donor

Also you can use the pagination features to display a given number of records on the table

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