Get to know your way around HelpYouSponsor platform.

This page walks you through various sections, features and menus that you'll find within the HelpYouSponsor app. Start by creating or logging into your account at

Permissions The sidebar can be viewed by everyone, although users in a specific permission set might have different permissions assigned to the permission set.

Only the main admin of the Organization has the authority to Create the permission sets and then assign various permissions to the set.

Space header and sub-navigation can be seen by everyone, although the number of options available will vary based on your permissions.

The sidebar is the gray section on the left-hand side of the app.

You can use the arrow near the top to open and close the sidebar. Closing the sidebar might be helpful when you want more space for viewing.

The sidebar contains:

  • Dashboard

    A summary of the number of donations that you have received in the past 30 days. The number of new sponsors or donors that have signed up for your programs in the past 30 days and the total number of sponsors or donors. You will also have visual representations of the data in form of charts and column graphs.

  • Donors

    In this page you will find the list of donors or sponsors in the respective programs that they are in.

  • Programs

    In this page you will find the list of programs that your organization has created on the platform and when you choose a program then you will be taken to see the recipients or the individuals that are listed under the program.

  • Sponsorships

    A list of the sponsorships that have been created per program. So it will show the Individual who is being sponsored alongside the sponsor with more details about the sponsorship.

  • Message Manager

    It contains the various interactions that take place between the different children and the sponsors or communications between the organization and the sponsor.

  • Donations

    List of donations that have actively been offered by the sponsors or donors to the children or the individuals that are being sponsored.

  • Progress Reports

    Incase you plan to keep track of the progress of the children so that you are able to create reports to send to the sponsors, this page provides information.

  • Program Options

    Takes you to a page that offers a variety of options, including listing forms attached to each program, ability to change settings of the program.

  • Admins And Permissions

    This section contains administrator options such as creating, editing, and deleting admins. It also allows for the creation, editing, and deletion of user permission sets. Additionally, users can be assigned to specific permission sets with varying levels of access within the system.

  • Account Settings This navigates to a tab layout that includes the following:

    1. Account details

    2. Email Settings: for email setup configurations

    3. Email Template: with a Front End Template Editor

    4. Billing: displaying the next billing date, billing history, and credit card information

  • Payments This navigates to the various payment options tab, which includes payment gateways such as HYS payments (integrated with Stripe Connect), Stripe, PayPal, and

  • Knowledge Base This leads to HelpYouSponsor documentation from the platform itself, to ease accessibility to the documentation.

  • ChangeLog This is a comprehensive summary of ongoing updates to the platform.

Top Navigation

The top menu bar includes a notification dropdown, represented by a notification icon. When clicked, this dropdown reveals all the recent activities associated with the specific account. Additionally, there is a user dropdown that displays both the name of the organization to which the current user belongs and the email of the admin currently logged in. Clicking on this triggers a dropdown to appear with various options, such as:

  • Switch theme to dark mode, which replaces the default light mode with a dark mode.

  • An "Account Settings" option that leads to the account settings page.

  • "Activity Log" that leads to the activity log page that displays recent account activities.

  • The "Change Logs" option, which redirects you to the ongoing updates on the platform.

  • The "Documentation" option, which takes you to HelpYouSponsor's documentation.

  • The "Sign Out" option is for logging out of the application.

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